Reginald & Paul Sewell Foundation


Thank you to all for your support @ Out of the Darkness 2018!

As I wind down from two weeks of prepping for the walk...I’m now reflecting on the reason behind the Foundation existence. God knows I miss both of my brothers. I’m amazed that I have the strength to be their voice & raise awareness & provide resources to those in need. Thankful for wonderful family & friends. So many of you play important roles in helping me on this mission & again I thank each of you! There’s so much more on the horizon...we’re just warming up! Hope to have your continued support💚💚💛💛❤️❤️

Team Sewell had NINETEEN new members join us this year!!!!!!!!! Thanks to everyone who came out to walk today. Thanks to everyone who my name up on the big board 🙌🏼 🙌🏼! Thanks to those who helped by making bracelets...baking cakes...making pic collages...updating my webpage...sharing posts...volunteering however possible...appreciate & love you for it!! 💚💚💛💛 #4mybrothers#teamsewell #teamreggie #teampaul #stopsuicide
#walkthewalk #talkthetalk

Vikki Webster